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Welcome to RC Weekly.  Free of all of the corporate interest and bias, RC Weekly News presents the latest quality news, entertainment and information stories without the spin.  Displayed in blog form and semi-formal voice, RC Weekly News is honest, direct and to the point.

Our readers visit this site because their time is limited and they seek only the most intriguing points on a variety of updated topics – with no filler or rhetoric.  We are your #1 source for valuable information, presented with headlines that are captivating enough to entice, coupled with article formatting simple enough to browse and skim.

Why Choose RC Weekly News?

This website is a great way to become aware of happenings in your local region and around the world.  We carefully select the most outstanding, up-to-the-minute articles and present them to you with a fresh, neutral outlook.  Internet users are increasingly turning to bloggers for the rawest perspective on current world events.  RC Weekly News combines high quality, accurate information with an honest conversational tone – for content that should appeal to casual and discerning readers alike.

Our writers have a passion for content that captivates and enriches society, and take pride in research and presentation excellence.  One of the things that set our circular apart from those that come in print form is the fact that our company and its writers originated in the online journalism field.  In contrast with other media forms that have been replanted and retrofitted for the net, RC weekly has always been an internet-based news source.  This gives our operation an organic and authentic vibe.

What Topics Does RC Weekly Cover?

Each week, you will find articles covering a diverse range of subject matter including:

  • Health
  • Internet Marketing
  • Home Care
  • Furniture Repair
  • Law
  • Auto Repair
  • And Many Other Captivating and Informative Topics!

Can a News Website Change Your Life?

RC Weekly News holds our readers in high esteem, and aims to make a difference in the lives of each individual who encounters and subscribes to our news feeds.  Your daily life could be impacted in countless ways such as:

  • Picking Up Knowledge Not Found In Other News Sources
  • Learning Valuable and Post-Modern Advice and Tips Formal Literature May Overlook
  • Being the “Informed One” in Formal and Informal Discourse
  • Having something to Talk About at the Dinner Table/Water Cooler
  • Feeling Entertained at Home and During Breaks at Work

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Our graphical user interface is constructed carefully to allow the website to be easy to navigate for any user.  To that end, we have tested our approach and arrived at an intuitive format that encourages a fluid and fulfilling reading experience.  It is our expressed hope that our site is usable for all major web browsers and mobile devices, and we are continuously striving to improve device and software compatibility.

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